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our services beyond standard products such as costomization like logos, new maps, and anything we can discuss

Our Services

Step into a world of limitless possibilities with our Personalization Services. Whether it's incorporating your logo, slogan, or a special location into our designs or co-creating entirely new concepts, we provide a canvas for your creativity. Beyond customization, our collaboration is a partnership where your ideas meld with our craftsmanship. We look forward to a conversation where your unique vision thrives, supported by our experience and dedication




During our collaborative process, we invite you to share your thoughts, dreams, and any specific requirements. Our expertise enables us to provide valuable insights, suggesting what works best and refining your ideas for optimal impact. Whether tailoring existing designs or conceptualizing something entirely new, let's embark on this personalized adventure together, where your individuality shines through in every detail.

Logos, Locations, Slogans

Add a personal touch to your cherished pieces with our custom laser engraving services. Elevate your experience by having your name, address, or contact details delicately etched onto the back of our handcrafted items. For our city maps, go a step further as we intricately laser your specific location onto the map itself. Whether it's a signature touch or a map personalized just for you, our laser engraving brings your unique details to life, making every piece distinctly yours.

Customized logos, locations on maps, slogans that we can paint or laser on our products
new maps that we don't have in the standard products such as your city or property

New Maps

Explore the world through our bespoke mapping services, where we craft intricate maps beyond cities – from museums and resorts to uncharted territories waiting to be revealed. Whether expanding our city collection or creating custom hedge mazes, we understand the art of balance. While we embrace the challenge of capturing the essence of diverse locations, we ensure every map remains recognizable and uniquely tailored. Join us in turning your favorite places or unexplored spaces into captivating wooden masterpieces, where our craftsmanship meets the art of thoughtful design.

Custom Orders

Embark on the journey of creating truly unique masterpieces with our Custom Design Services. Our commitment goes beyond crafting existing items – we're here to help bring your imaginative ideas to life. From collaborative design discussions and material selection to running tests and presenting intricate designs, we're fully invested in realizing your vision. Choose from a spectrum of materials, including various wood types, acrylic, aluminum, or even striking combinations. Let's explore the endless possibilities together, transforming your creative concepts into tangible, personalized works of art.

totally new products based on your idea and our discussions.
include unique packaging to make the product more stand out. Fabric backs with special prints, dried banana leave boxes, and more


Elevate the presentation of your handcrafted treasures with our Custom Packaging Solutions. From personalized bags for added protection to bespoke banana leaf boxes and beyond, we offer a range of options to enhance your unboxing experience. Open to your unique ideas and suggestions, our packaging is designed to complement the artistry of each piece, ensuring that the first impression is as memorable as the product itself. Explore the possibilities of tailor-made packaging that not only safeguards but also adds a touch of individuality to your handcrafted marvels.

Customization and Wholesale

If you have specific requests for customization and wholesale, and want to see our options, please visit our Customization & Wholesale Center

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